Live Google Hangout: the Science in “Interstellar” (Yes, the Movie)

Psyched about this.. 🙂

Curious Stardust

Interstellar is the latest blockbuster movie about space. Now in a special live Google Hangout, three astrophysicists brush off the popcorn, leave the theater and answer your questions about the “science” in the movie.

LIVE HANGOUT: INTERSTELLAR – SEPARATING THE SCIENCE FROM THE FICTIONAstrophysicists (and Curious Stardust bloggers) Mandeep Gill, Eric Miller and Hardip Sanghera answer YOUR questions about worm holes, black holes and distant galaxies.
WHEN: November 26, 12:00-12:30 PM Pacific
WHERE: Right here!

int_wps_1280_wormLife could better in the new film Interstellar. Set in a distant future (but not distant enough), the Earth is a catastrophic wasteland of dying farms and mile-high dust storms. With just years before facing complete oblivion, humanity needs to find a new planetary home.  It’s a “Hail Mary” of a job, and taking it on are four astronauts who must enter a wormhole to find an extremely distant habitable planet…

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